Check out some Tricoda Features

Jul 01, 2019

We have launched a whole host of cool features with Tricoda designed to make your life managing your IT infrastructure as simple as possible.

Features Function
Import servers across multiple
infrastructure provider. Easily
integrate into existing workflow
with our user-friendly interface
and api
Bare metal to
Turn legacy bare metal servers into cloud servers by simply adding
your SSH key or root password and importing your bare metal server
into our GUI.
Organize your
Tag, label and group servers by
function, provider or usage for
full visibility.
Terminal accessTerminal access within the
browser for all machines, with one click.
Power ControlStart, Stop, Reboot and run recipes direct from your tricoda control
panel for a single machine, server
groups or your complete
SSH keysGenerate or import SSH keys for full security of access. Set Keys across complete server groups,
provider groups, single servers or
all servers across all providers.
LogsFull searchable logs for all actions and all users across your complete IT infrastructure for complete
transparency and compliance.
2 factor
Enable Google authentication
easily and quickly for extra
security and piece of mind.
Monitoring and alerting based on
pre-selected thresholds, select
machines, conditions, and set
Understand your costs – full RAM,
CPU, and Bandwidth (uploads/downloads) monitoring, downgrade
underused machine and save costs with your provider.
Custom rulesEnforce alert and automation
policies consistently, by applying
rules on groups of machines using
updates recipes
Recipes for automated updates across all servers and providers with
full scheduling, Recipes can be
written in bash, PHP, perl, python,
ruby, go, or node.js.

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