Enabling Two Factor Authentication

Jul 10, 2019

Back in the early days of authentication, organisations were reliant on

hardware tokens to generate a secure passcode. The type you’d associate

with online banking. But that solution was clumsy and prone to unforeseen

expenses – with tokens frequently lost, broken or expiring.

Whats is 2FA?

Two Factor Authentication or 2FA is is an additional security layer for your

business – helping to address the vulnerabilities of a standard password-

only approach. Modern tokenless systems use mobile devices to make roll-

out and management much easier. Here at Tricoda we use Google Authenticator.

Google Authenticator is a software-based authenticator that implements

two-step verification services using the Time-based One-time Password

Algorithm and HMAC-based One-time Password algorithm, for

authenticating users of mobile applications by Google.

How to enable with Tricoda

To enable 2FA on your tricoda account, simply click into your account

details via the top right hand corner after you have login and select ‘My


Once you have enabled a QR code will appear, simply scan this via the

Google Authenticator app on your phone.

Now everytime you login you will need to open the app to see the random 6

digit number to access your account, along with your user email and

password. To see what other security steps we take to secure your data,

check out https://www.tricoda.com/security.html

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