Recipes To Simplify & Automate Management

Jul 18, 2019

We all love being productive with the least amount of manual intervention

involved and more so when managing multiple servers and running the

same scripts manually time and time again. To reduce and remove this

repetition in the busy life of a system admin we have included our recipe

engine with every Tricoda plan.

So how does it work?

On your Tricoda account, on the left hand menu, scroll down to the icon

‘recipes’ once on the recipes page, click on add recipe and you will be

presented with the following pop up screen option.

This will allow you Name your script, provide a description, which is useful

when you have multiple people working on the same servers, and then

select the script type from a drop down selection including;

bash, PHP, perl, python, ruby, go, or node.js.

Need a Different language? let us know

You can then enter your script in the black script engine below, click

confirm and your all done.

An added Option includes the ability to tag each script for easy

management and search option.

You can now run your scripts for automated updates across all servers and

providers or for each individual server from the machines page, or from

within the manage option of your server.

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