Exportable Reports for all Machines

Sep 01, 2019

Based on feedback since launch, we have now launched the ability to easily and quickly export your machines complete CPU/RAM and Bandwidth usage history for each of your machines into a PDF download.

Reports can be generated through each of your machine management pages, simply select the timeline you wish to view and click create report, as shown below.

This will then generate a PDF report for your machine which you can save to your local device. It will also store a copy under ‘reports’ in your Tricoda account GUI so you can easily view in the future or delete depending on your requirements for a full history.

You can also directly from the reports tab do a detailed export of all log actions to a csv file. Simply select the data range, server group or groups or individual machine, as well as type of log action performed. This allows for full accountability of all changes/actions performed through your Tricoda account.

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